Curriculum Program

Here at Little Friends, we’ve built a curriculum designed to equip your child for Kindergarten and help them develop social skills. Zoo Phonics is an alphabet learning system used for matching an animal to a letter in the alphabet. This helps children associate phonetic sounds and remember letters with ease. We also use Joyful Heart curriculum; a structured program that includes art projects and Bible stories for each letter in the alphabet.  The fluid thought between these curriculum programs is a structured environment allowing children to learn through play. The idea of learning through play comes from Bev Bos. Bev runs a pre-school in Roseville, has written books and currently leads seminars about how children learn through play. We encourage these types of play on an everyday basis.

Math Skills

Children are introduced to the rich world of numbers, and encouraged to develop basic math concepts using manipulatives. Concepts are addressed in a large group setting through calendar activities and everyday routines, then followed up by independent and small group work at centers. Through this 'hands on' process children will learn color and shape recognition, sorting, grouping, patterning, and counting, as well as more advanced math skills.

Language and Literacy

 Learning to enjoy reading and writing is a key step in a child’s growth. We read to children daily and encourage them to look at books on their own as well. By giving a letter of the alphabet, a name and story, children are able to understand the importance of that letter with ease.

Creativity and Imagination

Dramatic play, music, and art activities give every child the opportunity to showcase their abundant creativity. We encourage all children to express their ideas in order to help build confidence, independence and imagination.

Physical Development

Our experienced teachers work with children to develop large motor skills like running, jumping, throwing and kicking. We use music to incorporate these gross motor skills by teaching children to make good nutritional choices. Fine motor skills will be exercised daily through sensory play, painting, drawing, cutting and other activities.

Science and Exploration

Discovering for the first time is such a joy! We love taking nature walks, creating sensory tables, mixing colors to make new ones, and so much more! In our experience, learning hands on helps children to retain knowledge with ease. We also enjoy taking field trips which allow children the opportunity to experience new and exciting things!